Why Surface Skimmers

Importance of Surface Skimmers

Surface skimmers were designed with the ultimate intention of cleaning the swimming pool surface effortlessly. They should be easy to use for everybody, save time cleaning the pool and also to skim a large portion of a pool by removing the debris from the pool surface efficiently and effectively.

During relaxation, you can lay around the pool absorbing a few rays of sun not worrying about who is cleaning the pool for you. For example, your swimming pool may take you considerable amount of time to clean it before use. Prior to the removal of this debris, the water may cause irritation and may be very uncomfortable for the users. Using a hand skimmer, a pool size of approximately 18 by 36 feet can take you 45 minutes or more to clean and remove irritating debris such as bugs, dust or pollen. If an 18 by 36 foot swimming pool takes this amount of time, the Surface Skimmerâ„¢ will save you approximately 30 to 35 minutes of your time and this means it allows you to clean your swimming pool surface in less time and take back to your leisure time.

A rule of the Lifesaving Society
is to always swim with a buddy. From a safety perspective around your swimming pool, the Surface Skimmer encourage the buddy system because you need two people to use it.

Relaxation is a great thing. Isn’t it nice when you can just lie around the pool, soak up a few rays of sun and not have to worry about who is cleaning the pool for you. This patented device was designed with the intention of saving time cleaning the swimming pool surface and making it easy to use for almost everyone.
If you have your own swimming pool, you may have to complete considerable cleaning at times before you can use it. A pool size of approximately 18 feet by 36 feet can take you 45 minutes to an hour or more to effectively clean and remove irritating debris such as leaves, bugs and the tiny debris that is on the water surface such as dust and pollens. Until the debris is removed, swimming and enjoying the water may be uncomfortable for many people. To clean debris from the water surface, most swimming pools only have one small hand held skimming device which is traditionally connected to an extension pole and are used to selectively skim different areas of the water surface.
The Surface Skimmer is designed to skim a large portion of the water surface and do it efficiently, effectively and let you take your leisure time. It requires two people to drag the Surface Skimmer across the surface of the water. The Surface Skimmer is very efficient in removing debris from the surface. The debris can be lifted out of the water on the surface skimmer and removed to a suitable area or the Surface Skimmer can be guided past the front of a pool skimmer (where water from the swimming pool is drawn through a filter basket and then a filter). The overall effect of using a surface skimmer is that you can get your swimming pool water surface significantly cleaner in a relatively short period of time. When you are finished using the Surface Skimmer, rinse it off with the garden hose, let it dry, roll it up and put it away for the next use.