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Guaranteed to help remove Leave, Bugs, Dust, Pollens and more

Plus … The Surface Skimmer Saves You Time Cleaning the Pool Surface

The Surface Skimmer is a quality device that is designed for you to skim a large area of the water surface and efficiently help remove debris from your swimming pool water surface with a small amount effort by the users. We believe that Surface Skimmers will effectively help you take back your leisure time. This product is simple and easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store. The use of our product and the amount of cleaning time to saves you may vary from one swimming pool to another depending on water jets, access all of the sides of the pool and other local influences of the pool.

Why Surface Skimmers

A swimming pool hand skimmer is a screen attached to a frame which is then attached to a telescopic pole used to remove large floating debris, such as leaves and bugs, from the water’s surface.

The Surface Skimmer™ will greatly reduce the need for a hand skimmer and reduce the amount of time needed to clean the surface of the swimming pool.

Surface Skimmers™ were designed with the ultimate intention of cleaning the swimming pool surface effortlessly by removing irritating debris such as bugs, dust or pollen.

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The Invention

Backyard swimming pools are enjoyable and a great place to relax. For almost 30 years the inventor has work all kinds of shifts, including nights and weekends.

How to use

The overall effect of using a surface skimmer is that you can get your swimming pool surface cleaner in a relatively short period of time.


This product has been manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards by Canus Surface Skimmers Ltd (referred to as Surface Skimmers™ and Surface Skimmer™).

Surface Skimmers Mission

“To provide the swimming pool owner with an easily used device proven to save time in the cycle of normal pool maintenance”

Take back your leisure time with the Surface Skimmer.

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