Frequently Asked Questions

An 18 x 36 pool can take up to 45 minutes to clean with a hand skimmer on a pole. The Surface Skimmer is faster and more efficient. It can take as little as 6 to 8 minutes and will do a better job. The hand skimmer is still important for small area touch ups or corners. But, the Surface Skimmer is proven to more effectively and efficiently clean your swimming pool surface and give you back your leisure time.

Not only roll it when dry, but store it in a dry location. This will prevent damage to the floatation device across the top. The Surface Skimmer has been designed to be lightweight, strong and efficient. Proper care and storage will ensure a prolonged life. In addition to this, prolonged periods of exposure to the hot sun may cause a premature breakdown of the Surface Skimmers™ materials.

There are many shapes and sizes when you consider both in ground and above ground pools. Accessories like jets, stairs, diving boards, waterfalls and proximity of landscaping are all factors. You will need to experiment to find the most efficient method. For example, to get closer to one side of the pool or the other, you may want to have the person helping you with your Surface Skimmer walking a little ahead of you on the opposite side. The Surface Skimmer can be pulled in both directions.

There are two answers:

  1. Assuming your pool has a built in skimmer and a filtering system, you could channel the Surface Skimmer across the front of the swimming pool skimmer thus removing the debris into the pool’s debris basket. Smaller particles will then be captured by the filter. You will need to backwash or rinse the filter at a later time.
  2. The second method is suitable for pools without a robust skimmer/filter system such as above ground pools, or for instances where you have trapped larger debris such as twigs and leaves. You and your partner can pull the Surface Skimmer tight near the end of the pool, turn the device sideways and lift it out of the water. The debris can then be disposed of in a location away from the pool’s edge.

Rinse it with fresh water and lay out to air dry before storage.

No, the Surface Skimmer is not warranted for commercial use. However, this does not prevent a commercial company from making use of the Surface Skimmer™.

The Surface Skimmer has been designed to require two people to operate it. For safety reasons, it is always preferable to have a minimum of two people around your pool at any given time.